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How New Trends In Plastics Manufacturing Will Impact Pipe Protection Products

Pipe protection is crucial to maintaining pipe threads, which inevitably wear down before their time without thread protectors. Pipe protection products are manufactured from steel or plastic. While steel is extremely durable, there are some applications where plastic offers greater benefits, such as the drill pipe used on oil rigs. Plastic oilfield thread protectors work well with any grade of pipe, and they provide protection for both internal and external threads, creating a tight seal. Plastic protectors are also very useful to maintain the quality of pipes that are in storage. New trends in plastics manufacturing will have an impact on the quality of plastic pipe protection products.

Plastics are replacing metal in many areas because they are inexpensive and lightweight. Auto manufacturers are making more and more car parts out of lightweight plastic, and the construction industry is seeing an increase in the use of plastic building materials. The oil industry will see an increase in the availability of high-quality plastic pipe protection products as this trend continues.

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Automation is also making plastic more available. With robotics technology, manufacturers can keep plants running 24/7, increasing the supply of plastic products. The increased supply is likely to decrease the cost as well, making plastic pipe protection products more affordable. 3-D manufacturing is another technology trend that is changing the way customers and manufacturers interact. With this new technology, anyone can order custom-printed plastic products.


In addition, plastics manufacturing is becoming increasingly sustainable as technology for reclaiming and recycling plastic materials is becoming more advanced. The latest trend is manufacturing renewable plastics that do not rely on petroleum products. Bio-based plastics derived from organic products like soy beans and flax are currently being developed, and these products will represent a great step forward in environmentally responsible manufacturing.

New trends in plastics manufacturing will have an impact on the pipe protection industry by increasing the quality and availability of plastic pipe protectors. New technology that connects customers and manufacturers is simplifying the process of manufacturing custom materials. Since the oil and gas industry rely on plastic products to ensure the integrity of their pipes and the safety of their operations, these new trends suggest positive outcomes

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